Project Dewatering System Geotextile Tube

Geotube work is the process of installing and using geotubes, namely tube structures made from geotextiles which are usually used for erosion control, coastal protection, land reclamation, sedimentation control and water management. Geotubes are usually made from geotextile material which is strong and resistant to damage by weather and the environment

Project Erotion Control

Erosion control work is an effort to prevent or reduce soil erosion caused by water flow, wind or human activity. Soil erosion can cause serious environmental damage, including loss of soil fertility, decreased water quality, and degradation of natural habitats

Project Ground

Ground anchor work is the process of installing retaining structures that are embedded in the ground to provide structural stability to buildings or infrastructure in areas that are vulnerable to ground shifts or lateral pressure. Ground anchors are usually used in various construction projects, such as the construction of tall buildings, bridges, dams, or even earth retaining structures.

Project Rockfall Netting

Rockfall netting or rockfall catching work is the process of installing nets or wire structures to prevent rockfall from cliffs or mountain slopes. This is a common precaution in areas prone to rockfalls to protect roads, buildings, or other critical infrastructure from potential harm.

Project Silt Protector

The work of a silt protector or silt protector is an effort to prevent the spread of sedimentation (silt) from construction areas or agricultural sites to water sources such as rivers, lakes or drainage channels. Sedimentation can cause water pollution, block waterways, and damage natural habitats